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Your Paint Line is Unique, Ground It Accordingly!

Posted by Tim Ulshafer on Aug 24, 2017 11:58:22 AM
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Paint lines come in many shapes and sizes incorporating a wide range of paintable substrates. Some paint lines require large grounding assemblies to carry current while others are short light weight items used to provide a simple ground. Grounding metal is different than grounding fiberglass or plastics. The one thing in common is, everybody wants their paint line to produce high quality output with high percentages of transfer efficiency with low defects. In short, everyone wants their paint job to look great!

We all know that paint lines need too be grounded but since no line is the same where do you go to get the solid ground connection you need in the configuration your paint line will accommodate? GOOD NEWS, options exist for all grounding applications! When speaking to a supplier of grounding solutions you will need to be ready to provide the following:

  •  Your paint application, what and how are you painting?
  • What component of the process are you trying to improve?
    • Transfer Efficiency?
    • Output aesthetics?
    • Safety?
    • Costs?
  • What grounding practices have you been using?
  • What do your carriers look like?
    • Provide photos of you carriers and paint line
  • What does your cleaning process entail?
  • Are you looking for permanent or once and done solutions?
  • Do you have a budget for the upgrade that needs to be adhered to?

With this information a potential solution can be formulated.Once an initial solution is ready a sample package is created and forwarded for testing. After enough data is collected, feedback is provided to the supplier for approval or design modifications. If modifications are required, a new sample package will be created and forwarded again for testing. This process continues until a solid grounding solution is identified and agreed upon. Once the design is approved by the paint line manager a quote will be provided based upon expected usage. A blanket order is usually the best way to keep the new grounding assemblies flowing when needed and your paint line well grounded.

Mueller Electric has been providing customer paint line grounding assemblies to paint line managers for years. Below are some of the examples of the unique custom designs that shave been created to deliver pinpoint grounding solutions for a multitude of paint environments.    
 Pella2.jpgAI-000480 (002).jpg

GRND1 (002).jpg20170623_133018.jpg

For more information on grounding, read our whitepaper on Static Electricity and Grounding in Industry.

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