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Removing Static from the Paint Line, Don't Overthink It!

Posted by Tim Ulshafer on Apr 4, 2017 8:25:16 AM
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For most painters, removing static from the paint process is critical to improving transfer efficiency. This is true for the painting of plastics, fiberglass and metal components. Does your paint line use robots or painters? Are you continually trying to reduce static with solutions that work, don't work or just are not reliable? The universal painting issue appears to be the cost of repainting and scrap versus the solution you are using. You may be building an electrostatic grounding solution yourself or buying something at a higher cost than you would like.

As a paint engineer or tech, you spend countless hours looking for the perfect solution. Many of these solutions result in new paint line processes where static is removed by a special pin system or items are sprayed with various chemical formulas. True, there are some very tech - high end paint line processes that are working well in reducing static and improving transfer efficiency. Unfortunately, not everyone has a budget to upgrade the paint line which is going to cost several million dollars.

So, what can be done about reducing static and improving your transfer efficiency without breaking the bank and be immediately available? A simple grounding solution is your best bet. It may not be glamorous but it is a solid and immediate solution. Grounding assemblies and clips come in all shapes and sizes which will meet most needs on the market. These clips are usually so inexpensive that they are most often discarded for new even after just a few paint runs. Still, they are rugged enough for most chemical cleaning processes along with a few heat cleaning processes if cleaning is desired.

Mueller Electric provides this solution and they are already in place at several major auto makers both in the U.S. and overseas. Mueller can design unique solutions to your painting process which tremendously reduces rework and scrap costs. Plus, these are so cost effective, there is no reason to build these in house. These solutions can include flat nosed clips for a wide surface connection, clips with teeth to bite through the layers of paint and a bolted down solution as well. These are customized to any length needed. Mueller will work with you until you are certain that your solution is right for you. Free samples are readily available as well as engineering expertise. To learn more click below for your free guide on improving transfer efficiency.

For more information on grounding, read our whitepaper Static Electricity and Grounding in Industry

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