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Is Your Metal Paint Line Built from the "Ground" Up?

Posted by Tim Ulshafer on Apr 14, 2017 1:31:52 PM
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If you are a paint line manager or engineer you already know that building and maintaining a paint line is no small task. It is also a very costly initiative and the more money spent the higher the expectations for quality production. A major portion of the ongoing cost of a paint line is the paint itself and many paint engineers spend countless hours on improving transfer efficiency. Let's face it, any paint that doesn't land on its target is wasteful and costly.

Whether you are painting large chassis, frames, vehicle bodies, doors or any other type of metal objects the need for a consistently high quality paint output has become the expectation and of course a great challenge. Manufacturers of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and off-road vehicles have their paint managers busy in improving paint quality around the clock. We can all agree, in today's competitive environment, consumers buy what catches their eye and a great paint job is where it all starts. To maximize paint quality many paint managers and engineers focus on the type of paint application being used, others focus on the paint itself, while others may focus on the paint room environment. Few, however, tend to consider proper grounding to be part of their equation.

Grounding, although not a glamorous subject, may be one of the main reasons why your paint transfer efficiency is not as high as you would like not to mention your output not achieving your expectations of high quality. This may be especially true when painting objects previously coated with a strong undercoat or primer designed to prevent against road wear and the elements. The questions that beg to be asked is, is there an appropriate ground with the object to be painted? Is there a grounding system in place? If so, is it working? That carrier your paint target is sitting on may not be providing the strong ground you think it is!

The good news is, there are solutions to these issues. Mueller Electric provides custom high quality cost effective grounding assemblies for every type of paint line application. These custom assemblies can range from a simple stainless steel wire rope with clips on each end to more sophisticated solutions with quick disconnect capabilities in addition to more permanent solutions with lugs to insure a hard fastened connection to ground. Every application is unique and Mueller can, and does, provide the required solutions. Mueller also makes a ground strength detection meter to insure you have a solid ground before the paint is applied. To read more about Mueller's solutions please download out free guide on Grounding Metals for Painting below.

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For more information on grounding, read our whitepaper Static Electricity and Grounding in Industry